Friday, October 23, 2015

Affordable upgrades!

Do you wish there were visual upgrades available for your car that won't break the bank?
 Medford Auto Body can help!

Back up sensors/back up cameras:
Medford Auto Body can have sensors purchased and installed for 200$, add a camera for 300$ total.

Cameras and sensors are a great tool to have for your vehicle, as they help to avoid accidents especially in parking lots and homes with small children and pets. Studies have shown that the sensors and cameras are best for larger vehicles, trucks and SUVs. Generally, the larger the car, the more blind spots available. But these sensors are great for any size vehicle!
Sensors on bumper
View on mirror
 There are four small round sensors that attach to your bumper and are wired into the car. The display camera is either a clip on rear view mirror, that is placed on your previous mirror seamlessly; a dash mounted camera or hooked directly to the screen in
your display system. All of these
options turn the display camera on
automatically when the car is in reverse. The camera in the rear of the car is attached near the bumper or license plate. While using the sensors, the closer you get to an object/person, the louder and longer it will beep.

Although this is an effective way to avoid accidents while backing up, these sensors and cameras can have blind spots too. Make sure to always check your surroundings especially in bad weather and at night.

Spoilers (lip, front and wing):
Medford Auto Body can have the spoiler painted and installed for about 50$-250$. Not including the price of the spoiler you choose.
Spoilers are great for many reasons, aside from just the cosmetics. They increase fuel efficiency, aide in braking, make your car easier to see and reduce the weight while drag racing.

Wing spoiler custom painted
Lip spoilers are smaller, subtle and slightly sporty looking. They are usually placed on the trunk lid, but can be placed beneath the grill on the front of the car. The front spoilers, or air dams, can alleviate the drag, or slow down, produced by the rear spoilers. 

Wing spoilers are larger, sportier and more effective in drag racing or fast cars. They are more effective for racing, as they improve the traction, without added weight.

Hood scoops:
Medford Auto Body can have the hood scoop painted and installed for about 50$-250$. Not including the price of the hood scoop you choose.

Side scoop in front
Side scoop in back
Hood scoops allow direct air flow to the engine, which feeds the engine cold and dense air to give it more power. There are a few different types of scoops, but they all are used to increase performance in the engine. At faster speeds, you can feel more of a supercharged effect. However,
some hood scoops are solely cosmetic.

Scoops can be located on the hood of the car, as a single piece or be attached later on. Side scoops are also available with the same function. They are located on the sides of your car near the doors.

Stereo upgrades:
Medford Auto Body can purchase and install a new stereo equipped with a CD player and smartphone hook up for as low as 150$. Other upgrades and pricing may be discussed.

There are many upgrades available to make your sound system sound just the way you want it. You can go with new speakers for a reasonable upgrade, either in the front, the rear or different types of woofers in the truck. Many types of speakers can be purchased depending on the type of sound you're looking for: bass, mid range, higher pitched, or amps for louder music without distortion.

Or you could go ahead and replace the entire head unit; that way you can completely customize the sound you want. This can be somewhat timely and costly, but it less expensive than it used to be. A new head unit can be hooked up to your phone, using blue tooth or AUX. Your phone can even control your car radio, as well as your radio can take your calls for hands free driving.

New headlight bulbs:
Medford Auto Body can purchase and install high quality halogen bulbs for as low as 20$ a headlight. HID conversion kits start at 150$. 

HID conversion kit
There are two types of bulbs you can switch to for better visibility while lasting longer than a normal bulb. Halogen bulbs, very common,  produce more light using Halogen gas and a filament. They don't burn out as fast as a normal bulb.

HID bulbs, also known as Xenon, have no filament and last 90% longer than Halogen and regular bulbs. They are filled with Xenon gas and produce a light twice as bright as the others. However, these usually require a conversion kit to use. But they come in a few different tints, just to customize it a bit more.

Chrome grill replacement:
Medford Auto Body can purchase and install chrome grills for as low as 150$.

These snap on grills get installed right over your existiing grill, making it a quick and easy upgrade. They are chrome grills designed specifically for your car, so the fit will always be right. You can buy after market or OEM. They add a nice visual touch!

Medford Auto Body can install pinstripes right over your paint job in any color for 30$.

Custom pinstripes
Are your pinstripes fading or cracking? Let Medford Auto Body fix them up for you! We can repair existing or faded pinstripes, match colors, or start fresh with any color of your choosing.

Tape on pinstripes are a quicker, easier, yet just as lasting as paint on pinstripes. They can take a fraction of the time and cost. All we need to do is make sure the area is free of debris or wax and get started. About an hour later, the car is ready to go.

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